Credit card orders - click here

Purchase orders are only accepted for orders of $350 or more.

All purchases (including with purchase orders) are now done through the online store. Do not renew a license before the previous license has run out. A 30 day grace period is built into the license to allow time for renewal. All license expirations are calculated from the purchase date forward, not based on any previous license. You can have your purchase orders prepared in advance, but do not place the order until your existing license expires.

All purchases are made through our reseller FastSpring.

FastSpring is the vendor of record for all sales done through our current store. All purchase orders and checks should be made out to them, following their specific instructions for payment, which will be shown when ordering. For FastSpring's W-9, click here.

Purchase orders cannot be mailed or faxed, they must be submitted via the online store. During the ordering process, you will be asked to enter your PO number. After placing the order, please send a copy of the PO to us for verification purposes: sales@parkbenchsoftware.com

Invoices are also electronic, not mailed or faxed.

Licenses and invoices will be sent via email - please be sure to whitelist both fastspring.com and parkbenchsoftware.com

Credit card orders are still accepted (via the store) as well.

Full working 30-day demos are available for VisualPST and evScheduler upon request. If you have any doubts, please try before you buy.

For purchasing questions, or issues with the ordering process, please contact sales for instructions: sales@parkbenchsoftware.com

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