Note: Cone of Silence has been discontinued - there will be no further development

Shareware - $10 - ($200 for a site license, $100 for educational institutions)

Cone of Silence is an application that blocks key capture programs while it is running. There are many utilities out there that save all key strokes to a file. The purpose of these programs (usually) is to save anything you have been typing in case of a system crash. The downside is, malicious users install them on other peoples machines (public labs, etc.) and gather information like passwords to network services. This is a MAJOR security issue.

Cone of Silence can be used to ease some of the fears associated with using public access machines. While I can not claim that this program guarantees security in all cases, it does do a good job with every method of key capturing I have found. I carry Cone of Silence around myself, whenever I must use a potentially insecure machine.

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Cone of Silence