1.2 (2002-10-02)

    • Adds support for another class of keycapture programs
    • QuicKeys key macros no longer work while Cone of Silence is running

1.1 (2002-09-28)

    • Huge rewrite - enough to skip version 1.0 (1.0b2 was out in the wild for over 4 years)
    • Warns user and quits if proper operation fails at any point
    • Official support of USB Keyboards (all keyboard types supported now)
    • Fixes problems working correctly on some machines with System 9.0.2 and greater and virtual memory on
    • Fixes problems with certain keycapture programs on certain systems
    • For certain programs - warns user of their existence and lets them be terminated
    • QuicKeys works now while Cone of Silence is running

1.0b2 (1997-06-30)

    • Updated to CodeWarrior Pro 1
    • Removed expiration code
    • Internal changes to ensure stability
    • Tested with more keycapture software - see readme for full list

1.0b1 (1997-05-12)

    • First public beta release.
Cone of Silence