Release Notes

(2.0.1) 2022-12-17

    • Fixed a macOS ODBC connection issue

(2.0) 2022-10-06

    • Completely rebuilt for macOS 64bit architecture
    • Added field aliasing on import fields
    • Added field aliasing on section info and student info
    • Added more section selection options on import
    • Added ability to distribute files using anonymous section distribution
    • User Guide built into to help menu

(1.2.3) 2018-07-30

    • Fixed a potential exception when auto-distributing students.

(1.2.2) 2017-09-20

    • Fixed problems with some unexpected file contents.
    • Better error handling when loading files.

(1.2.1) 2017-04-25

    • Fixed permissions issues on macOS when running from an account other than the one that it was installed with.

(1.2) 2016-05-10

    • Implemented sorting of sections during auto-layout
    • Implemented finding of students/sections
    • Always include fields: HOME_ROOM and SCHED_NEXTYEARHOMEROOM
    • The section info window will now display a single selected section if the mouse isn’t over a section
    • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

(1.1) 2014-04-14

    • Ability to distribute students using existing Home_Room or Sched_NextYearHomeRoom fields
    • Ability to export dependent sections only
    • Performance enhancements and bug fixes
    • Sample data included for Demo
    • New license file format

(1.0) 2013-01-27

    • First official release