Notice: DiagnosticPADD has been removed from sale in the App Store while we deal with the legal claims against it.


  • A multi-function utility with an entertainment twist -- it looks like a classic sci-fi device/interface.

    (Those who care will recognize it, those who don't may still find it useful.)

    As of version 1.4, sound effects are customizable (requires iOS 3.2 or later)

    Functions include:

    • System: various information about the device (including Device ID) and ability to email device info
    • Battery status
    • Network: public ip address and host name
    • Location: global coordinates, using GPS if available, with the ability to email the information (including a google maps link)
    • Motion: accelerometer data
    • Audio: microphone levels (average and peak)
    • Data: file system information including total size and space available


System Requirements


Screen Shot